Who's played Bray Jazz Festival ?

Bray Jazz Festival has played host to many of the leading names in contemporary jazz in the 16 years since the event was first started. Celebrated composers and performers from the Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa have appeared on Bray Jazz stages,  including close to a dozen Grammy Award winners.

The festival has presented new music, facilitated collaboration, and provided an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work.  Since it's earliest years Bray Jazz Festival has also provided established and new voices in Irish jazz with a platform to present their work.

 ambrose 225b


Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet (USA)

Ed Motta (Brazil)

Dublin City Jazz Orchestra, featuring Lauren Kinsella, Laura Jurd & Pete Churchill (Ireland/UK)


as well as: Kyai Jati Rosa, The CEO Experiment, Re.Ellington, Sue Rynhart, Stomptown Brass, Havana Che (Ireland/Cuba), Bunk, The Taquin Experiments (Irl/Italy), Butter and more...





Dave Douglas & Uri Caine (USA)

Marius Neset Quartet (Norway)

Vinicius Cantuariá Quartet (Brazil)


as well as: This is How we Fly (Irl/Sweden/USA), Manden Express, Booka Brass Band, JCQ, Kavorka, Joyeeta & Debajyoti Sanyal (India), Manden Express (W.Africa/Ireland) and more...






Eliane Elias (USA/Brazil)

Mats Eilertsen Quartet (Norway)

Christy Doran's New Bag (Switzerland)

Médéric Collignon's Le Jus de Bocse (France)


as well as: Norrland (Sweden), Brass Jaw (Scotland), Mama Rosin (France/Switzerland), Paprika (Serbia), She'Koyokh (US/Turkey/Russia), Yurodny, North Strand Kontra Band, Michael Buckley Band, The Multiverse, Phisqa, Butter and many more...



Susana Baca, Bray Jazz 20122012

Susana Baca (Peru)

Tord Gustavsen Trio (Norway)

Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet (USA)

as well as: Mari Kvien Brunvoll (Norway), Warsaw Village Band (Poland), Matthias Loibner (Austria), The Swoo-Beh Project, Nature, ReDiviDer, OKO, Mixtapes from the Underground, Sandra Melo Band, Max Zaska, Bianca Fachel Quintet, Bree Harris Band, Carmen Brown, Emilie Conway Group, Skazz and more... 




Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet (USA)

Hamilton deHolanda & Andre Mehmari (Brazil)

Christine Tobin & Liam Noble (Irl/UK)

as well as: Tarab (Irl/Italy), Trilogue (Irl/Switz/Japan), Boylan Buckley Evans (Irl), Artvark Sax Quartet (Holland), 



waynekrantz225Wolfgang Muthspiel & Larry Grenadier (Austria/USA)

Wayne Krantz Trio(USA)

John Etheridge & Sweet Chorus (UK)

as well as: Paschal Schumacher & Jef Neve (Belgium/Luxembourg), Michael Buckley's Dublin Standard Time, Tarab (Irl/Italy), Cissokho System (Senegal), Trio Correntes (Brazil), Sean Og and Justin Carroll, Ariel Hernandez & Dermot Dunne (Argentina/Irl), Trygve Seim & Frode Haltle (Norway), Alex Mathias Quartet, Newpark Afro-Cuban Orchestra, and Chas Meredith Quartet.




Stefon Harris & Blackout (USA)matthiaseick.225

Mathias Eick Quartet (Norway)

Sylvain Luc's Trio Sud (France)

as well as: Boi Akih (Holland/Indonesia), Zahr (Irl/Italy), Paolo Angeli (Sardinia), Rez Abbasi Quartet (USA), Eri Yamamoto Trio (USA/Japan), Hot Club of Dublin, Carmel McCreagh Quartet, Juldah Camara & Justin Adams (Gambia/UK), Orquestra do Fuba (Brazil), Yurodny (Irl), Soweto Kinch & David Lyttle Trio (UK/Irl), and Hugh Buckley Quartet.



maceoparker225Mare Nostrum (Sweden/France/Italy)

Orchestra National de Jazz (France)

Maceo Parker Band (featuring Dennis Rollins) (USA)

 as well as: Liu Fang (China), Zahr (Italy), Norma Winstone & Tommy Halferty (UK/Irl), Dafnis Prieto Sextet (USA), Togetherness (Irl), Carmen Souza Band (Cape Verde), Ibrahim Electric (Denmark), Cormac Kenevey (Irl), Fuzzy Logic & Tom Arthurs (Irl/UK), Touche (Denmark), Havana Son (Irl/Cuba), The Myles Electric Tribute (Irl), Yurodny, and much more....




Dave Douglas & Keystone (USA)davedouglas-225

New Jungle Orchestra (Denmark)

Louis Sclavis L'Imperfait des Langues (France)

as well as: Debashish Bhattacharya (Ind), Der Rote Bereich (Ger), Ben Allison Quartet (USA), Angelo DeBarre Quartet (Fr), Sirius B (Brazil/UK), ZOiD, Havana Son, Organics Invitational, North Strand Klezmer Band, Mikkel Plough Quartet, White Rocket, and much more.




andrew-hill225The Andrew Hill Quartet (USA)

Andy Sheppard Quartet & The Gwilym Simcock Quintet(UK)

Nguyen Le's Bakida trio (France)

as well as: Bob Brozman (US), David Berkman Quartet (US), New Cool Collective (NL), Soweto Kinch (UK), Niwel Tsumbu (Congo), Sexteto Cafe (Colombia), Halferty's French Connection (Irl/France), The Company (Irl), Mike Nielsen & Ben Dwyer (Irl), and more.





Rene Marie Quartet (USA)renemaarie-225

Joey De Francesco Trio (USA)

Henri Texier's Strada Quintet (France)

as well as: The Jason Rebello Trio (UK), Colin Steele Quintet (UK), The Eva Quartet (Bulgaria), Nfale Kouyate & Dunyakan (West Africa), The Baghdaddies (UK), Ernie Payne (USA), Ariel Hernandez and Dermot Dunne, Havana Son, Zrazy, Spectrum, and more.




tomasz-stanko225The Tomasz Stanko Quartet (Poland)

Zoltan Lantos (Hungary) & Khanda

Hedvig Hanson Band (Estonia)

Emil Viklicky Trio (Czech Republic)

Andreas Georgiou Quartet (Cyprus), Phil Ware Trio (UK/Irl), Emil Viklicky Trio (Czech Republic), Fuzzy Logic, Green Juice (UK), Havana Che (Irl/Cuba), The Swinging Lovers (Fr/Irl), Peter Moore & Raindogs, Fadi Hatoum's Arabian Band, Ariel Hernandez & Dermot Dunne, Jamie Oehlers & Mike Nielsen, and more



Steve Coleman & Five Elements (USA)Steve Coleman

George Colligan Quartet (USA)

Yusa (Cuba)

Seydina Wade & Oumar Sow (Senegal), The Scottish Guitar Quartet (Scotland), The Guilfoyle Neilsen Trio, Orpheus, Brian Dunning's Puck Fair, Havana 'Che, Dopamine, Hot Jazz Biscuits, Linley Hamilton Quintet (N.I.), Organics & Special guests, and Mandalla.





monicavasconcelos225The Scott Colley Group USA)

The Mike Stein Band (USA)

Monica Vasconcelos & Nois (Brazil)

The Honor Heffernan Quartet, The Tommy Halferty Trio, Ellen Cranitch & Anne Marie O'Farrell, Conor Guilfoyle & Daire O'Brien, The Richie Buckley Quartet, Marie Tecce & the Jazz Exiles, Nigel Mooney's Big Hip Operation, Havana Che, The Carmel McCreagh Band.




Alex Wilson's Anglo Cubano (Cuba/UK)

Jim Black's Alas No Axis (USA)

The Tommy Smith Quartet (Scotland)

Michael Buckley's Invitation, The Louis Stewart Quartet, Organix, The Phil Ware Trio, Phil McDermott's Quintessential Groove, Roy Carroll's Trouble Perpetrator, Tommy Halferty/Mike Nielsen, Nigel Mooney's Hip Operation, Cool Running. 


clairemartin225Claire Martin Band (UK)

The Night in Havana Orchestra (Irl/Cuba)

The Ray Gelato Giants (UK)

The Justin Carroll Three, The Sofas, Frankly Sinatra, Paddy Cole Allstars, Derek O'Connor Quartet, Mia Parsons & The Nigel Mooney Quartet, Rock Fox, Noel Kelehan , Swing Nouveau , Mary Stokes Band, Isotope (The Hugh Buckley Quartet), Louis Stewart Quartet.