TOWN HALL       FRIDAY 3RD MAY    6.30PM      €10

Manden Express (West Africa/Ireland)


An international group of artists fusing traditional and contemporary styles of West African music, Manden Express draw their inspiration from the great musical traditions of the Mande Empire in what is now known as Mali.


Inspired by traditional styles and the explosion of new musical influences that merged with African music in the 1960′s, Manden Express blend Kamele n’goni harp, Kora, djembe, and drums with electric bass and guitar to produce stomping grooves and hypnotic time patterns.


This new project brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience of African music with styles ranging from flamenco to more mainstream artists such as Santana.


The music is as rich and varied as the influences, and guarantees the audience an uplifting and entertaining night of funky electric grooves and chilled African percussion.


"... at the end of the set every single person in the venue was dancing.”  Jeremie MK, Director of Dublin Tropical