LATE NIGHT @ THE MARTELLO       SUNDAY 1st MAY    11PM     €10


conclave 450Classic jazz tunes are given the Cuban treatment, and Cuban classics a twist of jazz in the able hands of Ireland’s newest exponents of irrepressible Latin groove, Conclave.

Band leader, drummer and percussion master Conor Guilfoyle has developed a unique sound with Conclave, who use the rhythmic motifs of Afro-Cuban music to celebrate a musical tradition that has roots that reach far and wide, and include Haitian vodou drumming, Afro-Brazilian music, Uruguayan candombe and Louisiana voodoo beats.

Conor Guilfoyle is joined in his new band by some of Ireland's leading jazz players - Ed McGinn on congas, Andrew Csibi on bass, guitarist Chris Guilfoyle, and by Venezuelan pianist Leopoldo Osio.

Claves mix with odd meters, jazz solos blend with montunos- it’s impossible to tell where one world ends and the other begins.

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